Junior Genius Kits are built for experimentation, learning and fun! Experience the joy of seeing your first LED light up! The Blinky Lights Kit leads you through 10 main activities, from a simple LED circuit up to more advanced transistor LED blinky light circuits using standard parts on a real-world breadboard.

Learn about voltage and current by using LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and transistors. You'll be able to build circuits using a schematic diagram - and there's plenty of help to get you there. Simple examples make it easy to grasp the basics, and 'What's Happening?' and 'Things To Try' sections encourage you to dig deeper.


The Blinky Kights Kit includes a 60-page color manual that's easy to read and full of information. The manual starts off with an introduction to the kit and its included parts. Ten activities progressively build up your knowledge and confidence in electronic circuits. Three lessons spaced throughout the Activities teach you about key electronic parts.


You will get valuable assembly and troubleshooting experience as you learn to use a great experimentation tool, the solderless breadboard! Real hands-on troubleshooting experience means greater educational value.

These next-generation science kits don't seal the parts into simplified plastic blocks. You get to experience what real parts work like and learn to build a real circuit (not just assemble puzzle pieces). Working with real electronic parts helps you to gain the confidence to graduate to other projects.

The parts and breadboard can be disassembled and reused for new creations.

Included in this kit are LEDs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, ZipWire™, a BB400™ BreadBoard, a battery box and even the batteries!


Each Activity provides a full page, color circuit diagram to help you visually see what you are going to build and how the circuit looks. Step by step instructions provide the help needed to build each circuit to completion and troubleshooting tips provided quick, helpful tips when needed. A full schematic diagram is provided to show you what is happening in the circuit. Additional things to try allow you to take the activity further and help solidify your knowledge about the circuit and electronic parts. Once you have an understanding of the activities your imagination is the limit!


The Blinky Lights Kit includes an Online Club Access Code that allows you to register your product online and unlock access to additional explanations, animations, diagrams and activities to further your knowledge and spur your creativity.

$29.90CAD / $24.90USD